Tuesday, September 15, 2015

my plan2create

Welcome to my little corner where I share all aspects of my plan2create.  I am fueled by creativity, but find that without purposefully carving out time, it's one thing that easily falls by the wayside. I've taken a more active stance in making it happen, and am sharing tips along the way.

This website is basically my "home base".  You'll find links to the places where I'm more active online, primarily Instagram and YouTube.  I'll post here when I upload a new video or when I have a larger topic to explain, but check my links for little snippets of ideas and to track down the inserts I've designed in my pursuit of planner peace.

Thanks for stopping by!  Comment below and tell me what you're most interested in... the planning, the organizing, or the creating?!

Julie K | @ plan2create

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