Tuesday, November 10, 2015

free A5 budget printable

free A5 budget printable | Julie K | @plan2create

As we approach the holidays, it's increasingly important to be mindful of spending. I created this simple budget sheet to include in my planner so I can track my "mad money".  My husband and I each get the same amount each month to "play", and we don't have to account for it, but it's important that we each spend within our budget and not get ridiculous, so I like to track mine.  My "mad money" generally goes towards crafty purchases, sometimes clothing or items I want for the home.  For the record, I'd say 8/12 months my husband spends his money on others.  He's super generous and will use his mad money to buy me a coffee where I track mine a little tighter and am not quite as generous.  If I buy coffee, it's coming out of the "Dining" budget, lol.

I had initially designed an entire sheet for one month, but realized quickly that I wasn't able to make a ton of purchases and still remain in budget!  So, I added two months per page and it's working out just fine for me.  I've included both files, so chose whichever works for you!

Let me explain the sheet a little... I left the "Month of" line blank for you to write your month in.  Here, I quickly stamped these abbreviated month stamps from Kellie Stamps.  I included the columns so I can remember what form of payment I used..

pp = Paypal
cc = debit card for me (credit card)
other = cash or other form of payment

I subtract that amount from my overall budget, and keep track of my current balance in the far right column.

What expenses will you use this sheet for?  Leave a comment below and share your ideas!

To download this printable, visit this link: FREE a5 budget printables

There are 4 files available to download:
1) 2 months on one sheet, meant to print directly on pre-sized A5 paper*
2) 1 month on one sheet, meant to print directly on pre-sized A5 paper*
3) 2 months on one sheet, meant to print on letter size, with crop marks included*
4) 1 month on one sheet, meant to print on letter size, with crop marks included*

*Margins are geared towards having hole punches on the left side, so it's best to print only on the 'front' side of a sheet of paper.  Printing back-to-back will not work well with this insert. :)


  1. I just tried to download these freebies, but got a message that the folder is not valid. Are these still available for download?

    1. Thank you soo much for letting me know! I updated the files this morning to my most recent versions and had the setting on "private"... so sorry for that! :D Should be good to go now. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I tried to download but its nog avalable:-( i hope i can download it cause i need a tracker 😂

    1. I think it's up and running now. So sorry for the hassle... just learning all the settings on Google Drive. :D

  3. Thanks! I Am gonna have a look. No problem :-) I always have trouble with iT to haha!

  4. IT works! Thanks! Keep up the good work :-)